Koreatown Needs to be more Walking and Biking Friendly

I do a lot of walking and biking in Koreatown. I think the layout of this neighborhood is perfect for it. The blocks are small. The streets are mostly set up like a grid, and for the most part the area is flat.

However, if you have ever walked around Ktown, you may begin to feel claustrophobic. And that's because on many streets, their sidewalks are narrow. This is the problem of giving cars priority over people. Take both 6th St and 3rd St as an example. Both streets have narrow sidewalks, where by just stretching my arm out, a car can potentially hit it. Pedestrians on these sidewalks are way too close to moving traffic.

When walking or biking is unenjoyable, people won't do it. And when people won't walk or bike, they drive which creates traffic. The sidewalks are so narrow at certain parts, that when someone is walking towards you, it's impossible for two people to cross paths without bumping into each other, unless one or both of you adjust your body position.

Then you have trees, fire hydrants, sign posts that take up space on the sidewalk.

As I said above, Koreatown is mostly flat and the streets work more or less like a grid. It's the perfect place to walk and bike, however, decades of giving priority to cars has created traffic and parking problems.

WalkScore gives Koreatown a 91, which is a walker's paradise. But what it can't factor in is whether it is an enjoyable walk. When sidewalks are too narrow, damaged or have trash, it deters walking. Also, when there are not protected bike lanes that connect to each other like streets for cars, people won't ride.

Walking and biking is great for our health, our air quality and improving traffic and providing an energetic street life.

I'm not sure what to do right now, but I am looking into figuring out how to make walking and biking safe in an area that is ripe to get people out of their cars.

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