Spotlight on Condo for sale at 540 Kenmore Ave

This I'll look at 540 Kenmore Ave #701. It's listed at $709,800 and has 2bed/ 1.75bath. I remember checking out this building back in 2009 when it had a sales office.

This particular unit, like many of the ones I have seen in the past has lots of windows. Many have floor to ceiling glass. The one interesting thing about this building, is it has these rectangular windows close to the ceiling with red tints. If I remember correctly, some units may have either a blue or green tinted windows. I am not sure why they did that, because it discolors the light that comes into your unit. The owner in #701 has put blinds where the red tinted windows are which makes it more pleasant.

Lots of light come into this unit. It is west and northwest facing. A rectangular living area and has a balcony off the living room and also a balcony off the kitchen.

A security guard station is down by the garage and guests check in with the guard before walking to the elevator.

The location of this building is amazing. It is across the street from Chapman Plaza along with a myriad of other shopping centers just a block or so away. It's about a 5 minute walk to the Vermont Metro station and probably an 8-9min walk to the Normandie Metro station.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in viewing this unit.

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