Are Home Prices Stalling?

At some point, home prices must come down or at least plateau right? It seems like we might be at the beginning of a cool down? According to multiple sites, although home prices have slowed, there doesn't seem to be a consistent downward trend (at least from what we can see right now).

CoreLogic believes home prices from September 2018 to September 2019 will grow at 4.7%. This will be the slowest since January 2017.

Redfin's chart below shows Los Angeles metro area also cooling.

Curbed LA also reported that home prices in September dropped as buyers are exiting the market.

Interest rates have crept up recently. It will be interesting to see with the new California Governor wanting to build 3.5 million housing units, a President who wants to start trade wars and how stagnant wages will affect 2019.

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