7th Street (somewhat) Protected Bike Lane

Image from LADOT

Last week LADOT hosted a Zoom meeting to discuss the installation of a protected bike lane in Downtown Los Angeles. You may have noticed that during this time of COVID, our streets are quieter. Given the less traffic, the city has taken advantage to repave several surface streets badly in need of repair.

7th Street was one of those streets. According to LADOT's 7th Street Forward plan, the current timeline for installation of the protected bike lanes are seen in this chart will begin this week.

It's exciting to see how quickly the city is moving towards this project, but like many projects that involve bikes, there are still too many mixed zones and unprotected lanes. That's why I say it's somewhat of a protected bike lane.

The proposed alignment can be seen here.

That loading zone in front of The Bloc is going to be a mess with cars blocking the bike lane. The same will be true with cars making right turns onto Figueroa. During rush hour, they will just block the bike lanes.

Mixed zones between bikes and buses can be scary for people trying to ride for the first time. Also, not enough protection on these two blocks.

Also not enough protection, mixed zones between bikes and buses and cars turning.

For more information and additional sources on this, you can visit LADOT, Streetsblog and Urbanize.

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