Another Bike Infrastructure Under Attack Again

I feel like a day doesn't go by where someone isn't trying to attack and undo some bike infrastructure that was put in place to make cyclist and pedestrians feel safe. Or maybe I feel this way because this is all that's on my Twitter feed. Earlier this week Streetsblog LA posted a column about the proposal to remove the traffic diverter from Yucca. And once again bike advocates have to waste countless hours defending a proposal from the Hollywood Hills West NC to undo the Yucca St traffic diverter. We already have so little infrastructure as it is to make us feel safe and are barely hanging onto what we currently have. However, the good news is this proposal was defeated 14 to 1 according to the report from Biking in LA. And thank you to those that had to waste more hours attending another NC meeting just because somebody thinks the convenience of driving is more important than the safety of others. #bikela #bikefriendlystreets #bikeinstead #bikeadvocates

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